Sonny Singh

“Grappler’s Studio is bar none the most unique and best of breed martial arts academy in Orange County. I brought my three boys here because of their renowned kids programs consisting of BJJ, wrestling and Pankration. Laericio Fernandes (a multiple world champion), Anthony Frank (world-class wrestler) and Jon Frank (overall bad ass) are some of the best coaches I’ve had the honor of my kids training under.

Their daily programs are regimented, follow a curriculum and push our boys past their comfort zone which has helped them excel in every other facet of their lives including academics and social assertiveness.

Their Competitive BJJ, wrestling and Pankration teams are constantly sweeping tournaments and taking medals. If you are serious about putting your kids in a top notch school this is the place.

Laericio, Anthony and Jon are humble, kind and very knowledgeable people inside and outside the mat and I am blessed to call them friends too.

Their adult BJJ program is in a world of its own. Students come from all over just to train here because the studio embodies so much prestige and knowledge.

We will be here for a long time and be part of our boys’ journeys in getting their black belts one day and turning into humble, confident and altruistic adults.

Come check them out!”

Chris Tjernagel

“If you have been looking for the perfect Jiu-Jitsu school, then look no further! I have trained at many different schools in and around Orange County, always trying to find the perfect fit. Some schools are the overly-aggressive/MMA-centric places that can’t work for average people. Some have amazing teachers and humble students but their schedule isn’t accommodating, etc.

Grappler’s Studio has the best of all these worlds. They offer awesome training, classes morning, noon, and night, (and on weekends) and the people who train there are super cool and very skilled. Everyone is respectful toward one another and is always willing to help newer people to bring them to the next level. This is really a family-like group.

The head BJJ coach, Laericio Fernandes, is a world champion black belt who currently trains under Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles. The school is very technical and contemporary in terms of the style being taught. One thing I love is that Grappler’s Studio is part of the Alliance BJJ team for OC, which means this academy is part of one of the most dominant BJJ associations on the planet. This also means they follow a well-structured curriculum and don’t just bounce around from position to position. Grappler’s studio also offers wrestling for kids and adults, kids Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Pankration, among other things. These are taught by both Laericio and our other head coach Anthony Frank who is a State champion wrestler and amazing BJJ practitioner/competitor.

I truly believe that for the level of training, the amount of classes, the affiliation with Alliance, the awesome family environment that these guys provide, and of course, the price. Grappler’s Studio is truly the best value and best place to learn Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling in Orange County (and beyond).”

Maria Chen

“Anyone with any remote interest in the sport will know that BJJ studios are a dime a dozen in the OC. Working and living in Irvine, I make the decision each day to drive past a large sum of those gyms to be where I feel I will grow the most, not only in my BJJ, but also as an individual. Since I’ve started coming here, both the adults and kids programs have grown exponentially, no doubt to the credit of the high caliber of training offered.

If you have a child interested in self defense and/or martial arts, try your luck here. Anthony blends in with all the kids and makes them feel right at home no matter what the personality type. On top of physical fitness, patience and respect, you’ll begin to see growth after a few weeks here.

As for the adults, it does not matter what your age or gender may be, everyone is welcome here. Literally people from all walks of life can come to the mat and be stripped of whatever outside labels you might have, and have the equal opportunity to train on common ground.

If you are intimidated and afraid mentally to give it a shot, all you have to do is take that first step, and let the rest follow. What do you have to lose? And, as the old adage goes, “I’d rather have a life of oh wells than a life of what ifs.”

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